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Advantages of fiberglass

1. Hotter water

  • Fiberglass is a natural insulator and widely used in our homes.
  • More than 5 degrees difference with a typical pool.

2. Speed of installation

  • Installation of the pool in one day.
  • Far fewer steps than traditional pools with concrete and canvas.
  • The weather conditions affect the progress of the work less.

3. Less maintenance and more ecological

  • No canvas to be replaced periodically.
  • No painting or resurfacing of concrete plaster.

4. Durability

  • 100% watertightness guaranteed by multiple layers of fiber and Gelcoat.
  • More resistant than tear and impact fabrics.
  • No problem of adjustment in corners and steps.

5. Why is a fiberglass pool so easy to maintain?

  • The surface of the fiberglass pool called (Gelcoat) is non-porous.
  • The smooth surface makes it difficult to accumulate algae on this surface.

6. Compatibility with salt system

  • Salt systems have proven their ease of use.
  • Our pools have no metal components, unlike pools with canvases that can let water quickly damage the metal structure.
  • Salt systems have no effect on the surfaces of our pools, so you can use this system without worry.

7. Resale value

  • A home buyer will consider the pool as an added value if it requires little maintenance, looks good and will last a long time.
  • The canvases must be replaced periodically between 7 to 9 years and often the buyer asks the seller to replace it before buying.
  • A swimming pool with canvas can reduce the value of the property.
  • Of course the total value of the initial investment is not recovered but the fiberglass pool maximizes it.

8. Long-term maintenance cost

  • No canvas to be replaced periodically.
  • No repair of damaged steel panels by salt system.

9. Energy efficiency

  • Reduced heating costs due to insulation of the fiberglass on the sides and floor of the pool.

10. Quality control

  • The swimming pool is factory-made with rigorous quality criteria.
  • The amount of fiber and resin used is checked at each stage of manufacture.
  • Manufacture in an ideal and controlled environment.

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